Our mission to create intrinsic values and superior products for our clients in the public and private sectors by uniquely applying consistent and reliant professional services. 

SP Engineering offers an array of professional services in Civil Engineering for the following areas:

  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Transportation System Planning
  • Schematic Development
  • Roadway Design
  • Traffic Engineering & Operations Studies
  •  Traffic Operations Design
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities
  • Construction Management

Our core competencies in Civil Engineering include:

  • Traffic Engineering (Capacity Analysis and Transportation Planning)
  • Horizontal Design
  • Vertical Design
  •  Intersection Geometry
  • Roadside and Cross-Section Design
  •  Signal Design
  • Traffic Control Design

As a client-focused organization, SP Engineering has a systematic process to effectively leverage resources and to efficiently utilize tools. We will deliver the project within budget and on time for our clients: “From concept thru marketing study to project financing” , “From planning thru design to construction” and  “From occupancy thru operation to maintenance”