SP Engineering, Inc.

Traffic and Transportation Engineering:
Transportation Systems support the economic and business development of the region a
nd impact everyday life. The engineering professionals at SP Engineering offer expertise and extensive experience in providing quality services, innovative design and cost-effective transportation solutions. We provide comprehensive transportation services from project inception through construction including engineering planning, design, and construction management service for various clients throughout Texas.

Traffic Signal Design,Traffic Engineering Studies ,Traffic impact studies, Traffic  Signal  Timing / Coordination , Roadway Plans,  Profile, Specification & Estimate, Roadway illumination ,Traffic safety evaluations ,Traffic Data Collection, School  Zone –Traffic Studies,Traffic control plans,Pavement Marking & Signing Design,Traffic Signal and Communication System Inventory,Pedestrians / Bikeway Studies,Pavement Marking & Signing Design , Detour Plan, Freeway and Guide Signs,Railroad crossings evaluations, Roadway Rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Public Works & Municipal:
SP Engineering, Inc. understands the community infrastructure needs ranging from small sub-urban to large urban communities. Our knowledge and experience in public and municipal systems enables us to provide cost-effective repairs and upgrades to existing systems and in the efficient design of new systems based on future need and development.

Water and Wastewater Design,  Erosion and Sedimentation Control, Strom Sewer/Culvert Design, Strom Water Management ,  Roadway Paving Plans,  Technical Specifications,  Construction Cost Estimates, Computer Aided Drafting & Design.

Program & Construction Engineering Management Services: 
SP Engineering Inc. provides full range of program management services based on client needs, goals, and expectations.Our team has in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise in providing wide array of reliable,  services ranging from roadways and streets,  traffic signal system,traffic control implementation, and cost - effective construction management  water/wastewater facilities. Our teams efficient, quality driven, and community based management services help in the completion of projects within the scheduled time, budget and resources.

Project Management,  Construction Engineering and Inspection, Cost Estimation, As-built Drawings, Quality Control,  Review Bid & Contract Document,  Safety Oversight .

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